Juju Feather Hat 32"-Black
Juju Feather Hat 32"-Black
Juju Feather Hat 32"-Black

Juju Feather Hat 32"-Black

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Handmade by artisans in Cameroon, Juju hats are traditionally worn by village chiefs during celebrations as a symbol of status within their societies.  Natural or dyed bird feathers are carefully hand sewn onto a raffia base, which spreads out into a huge circle. Feathers are associated with beauty and are a symbol of prosperity and wealth.  These sought after hats are available in various colours, and can be displayed on stands or hung on a wall.  Due to the nature of production methods and the use of natural materials, each product may vary slightly in both dimensions and coloring - we believe that these natural variations enhance the authenticity of each item.

DIMENSIONS: Approx. 32"Dia.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Juju Hats are designed with the ability to fold inward into a drum shape, which protets the feathers.  The Juju Hat will arrive fold inward, wrapped tightly with string, and encased in protective wrapping.  When the JUju Hat arrives, untie the outher strings - but do not cut them!  (The string maintaings the structure of the hat and should be folded away behind the hat once open.). Once the strings have been untied, the Juju Hat will loosen and you can gently open it outwards.  At the back of the base of the hat, there is a tab you can use to press the center of the hat inward.  
Once your Juju Hat is open, it will needs to have its outer edges straightened and made even.  Gently use your fingers to reposition the feather bundles on the outer edges and finger comb the interior feathers until they even and in place.  The Juju easily hangs on any nail or small screw with the thread loop already tied to the raffia support ring.  If you have purchased a stand (sold separately), the thread loop can be used on the u-shaped metal.
CARE:  Feathers that are colored should not be placed in direct sunlight as the dye made fade over time.  Feathers are natural materials that will constantly change.  As a result, Juju Hats may become slightly uneven and obtain minor cracks or unevenness, thus adding to its unique qualities.  Though the Juju Hat is initially fumigated and pre-treated with insect repellent, treating your Juju Hat periodically against moths or other bugs that my be naturally attracted is recommended.  You can do this by placing the headdress in a plastic bag and putting it in a freezer overnight; alternatively, attaching a small satchel of lavender, cedar wood or moth balls on the back of the headdress will natural repel bugs.  

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